My favourite photo out of all the skate photos I took ever. Beall backside five-oh.


Jamie Alexander Robert Partridge.


Jonny McNair doing a frontside rock under a horrible pigeon shitty bridge in Doncaster.

While he was doing this someone threw a bottle of piss at us from a car.



T-R-J yo.


I don't know if this ever got made but never mind. Moggins doing a noseblunt slide on a fridge setup down at Tesco on a summer night. Ah.


Michael Wright "listening to whale noises" (as Magee or someone once put it) to take his mind off his raw grazed elbows and shitty sleeping bag/no mat combo in Ches's flat maybe five years ago.


B-R-A-A-A-P Spider Spot 360 flip by Jerome Campbell yeah?


Fidler fell down jumping over a load of boxes at Tesco. Then I took this photograph of him.


Big JP back T at KES lower school and standing all weird at Tesco.


Yo you know how we rolling with mad Hasselblads and VXs son.

(Sam's holding a polaroid he's just made showing Arthur shredding this wedged-up-grate-to-electricity-box-thing just by Devonshire Green. Arthur doesn't know it yet but he's about to take THE SLAM OF HIS LIFE.)


Danny Beall, AKA The Venerable Bede (or maybe that's only in my head?), is doing a massive kickflip over that three step to pavement gap on Gell Street. BOOM et cetera.


A couple of classic schnozzes, a couple of great guys.


An unknown Japanese Heroin team member method airs at Dev Green. Massively poached photo, obviously.


Henry! Before he got massive.


Ten minutes after Jerome Campbell kickflipped over this rail we were being escorted away from the spot by a mob of powertripping tracksuits who'd gathered in the nearby ice rink; things got uglier still when Jerome (naturally) refused to comply with our captors' demand that we "HOLD [OUR] BOARDS ABOVE [OUR] HEADS!" and we had to make a dash for the cars. In the course of the desperate handbrake turning that followed one of us got shut out of Matt's ride (sorry Nathan, my fault) and had to run for it on foot, while those of us on the inside had the memorable experience of seeing some of our enemies thrown from car bonnets like something out of a bad zombie film.

But the key thing to remember is NO-ONE DIED.


"Yeah the council've closed Devvy because some kid was torn limb from limb during that product toss at the Blueprint demo last weekend."


Chappell is A TOTAL RIPPER, and an incredibly nice guy to boot, so I don't know why/how I've ended up with only the one photograph of him. Here it is.


I think it's probably for the best that we have no idea what Arthur and Eggy are discussing.


Nostalgia much?

Beall, Matt Hirst, Timmy, some kid whose name I don't recall, Henry, Jamie, Tom Robjohns and Moggins pictured outside Sumo in what looks like about 1893.



I once conducted an awesome interview with Danny Beall, the main topic of which was the fights he and Paul O'Hara had got into in Worksop the previous night. But I never transcribed it and then I lost the tape. Brilliant. Here's some photos of the great man instead.


"For the photo of the amazing back T I'm about to do I want you to get one of the flashes in there, and (if possible) I'd also like you to totally ruin the resulting negative" said Jerome.



Okay so it was a fancy-dress party and Ryan's gone as a thug and Jamie (kind of against his will) as a builder (but he looks more like one of the Village People and I dunno where those sunglasses have come from), but whatever, it still looks dodgy doesn't it?


"Moggins dropped in on, like, a vertical bank in Rotherham. Seriously."

He also put on a vest he found in a pile of clothes around the charity bin at Tesco, with profoundly disturbing results.


Matt Hirst getting roughed up by Jerome and absolutely loving it.



Apologies for the delay. Anyway, Ben Smith did this sick polejam at Somerfield. Later on, as you can see from the photo of Jerome, a trolley became involved but this is the best photo of the lot.


Moggins mugging it up and then doing the crooks on a rail on the roof of a massive horrible carpark.




Ben Cope, commonly known as Smuggla due to an unfortunate series of events that took place in his youth, is checking out Travis Graves in the latest edition of Skateboarder magazine.


The nice ladies at the Sheffield Women's Printing Co-op Ltd make a really nice limited edition silkscreen print of Jerome frontside flipping over the roadgap outside their business premises.


'Real Street: with Matthew Walter Hirst.'

(Probably the least Christmassy photo ever, sorry.)


Da Slakesnake backside 5.0ing up a little metal bar at Tesco a really long time ago.


Oh those Corporation nights. Here we are on our way there from Ben's. Looks grim but at the time was the most fun in the world.

I'm going to do a CORP WEEK soon.


Years later, and with Jamie's beautiful voice still sounding in his head, Jerome was inspired to perform this 5050.


Jamie is singing a lovely song to Jerome.


Moggins with his winnings from the House comp and especially good hair.

And wallriding on a primitive skateboard at the same event.


This week's second Sunday Tosser appearance: Elvis clutching a handbag to his breast at Dev Green.


Fidler mid egg (and hash brown?) butty.


When I posted this on the Safeway Mob I remember the caption read "Beall noseslides as his ghost escapes from his body and flies away" or something.


Jonny McNair, yeah?


"Yeah there's like these ramps someone's built in that abandoned building down by the railway station! Let's go and check it out! It's a bit of a mission but apparently it's sick!"

"Oh wait no it isn't."


Look at Mike Wright's face! And his backside smith in the warehouse! And above all look at his weird floppy arm!